Infrasec Solutions have successfully delivered a variety of database services for multiple large and enterprise scale companies and are happy to provide details and references upon request. We maintain the principle that the database will store your company’s most trusted information and this is taken into consideration with all the services which we provide.

The privacy of your data is of utmost importance with all of the following solutions that Infrasec Solutions offer :

  • Database as a Service (DaaS) - Infrasec Solutions offer managed database services enabling you to reduce capital expenditure, on premise hosting overheads and operational support costs while increasing performance and efficiency. Our DBAs use their comprehensive experience and expertise to ensure that the availability, integrity and security of your data is our number one priority.
  • Database Hosting – We provide database hosting solutions using Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Ingres and Hadoop.
  • On Premise Database Design – In the event of your company wanting to store your data on premise., we can design and implement secure, scalable and resilient solutions services to meet your company’s needs.
  • Data Modelling – Whether you are looking for a greenfield data model which can efficiently retrieve the information you need when you need it or whether you are looking to refine an existing model to account for changes in your business model, Infrasec Solutions can provide world leading consultancy and design to help you achieve this goal.
  • New regulations including GDPR are effectively forcing companies to refine their data model to meet regulatory requirements such as the ‘right to be forgotten’ and ‘portability of personal information to data subjects’.
  • Diagnostics and Health Checking – We provide a diagnostics and health check function which can identify flaws in your database whereby the service is not running at optimal efficiency. Infrasec Solutions can analyse and report on these inefficiencies as well as provide automated monitoring so that you can easily identify future issues with the database before the service grinds to a halt.