The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect in May 2018 and replaces the existing EU Data Privacy Directive. The GDPR is enforced across all member states and is designed to strengthen the protection of personal data for EU citizens. A number of changes have been introduced which affect the way in which companies are permitted to process or store citizen's personal data and the associated fines for breaching the regulation have increased significantly. The financial penalty for breach of the GDPR can be up to 4% of turnover (that is turnover, not profit!)

Infrasec Solutions have a number of services which can not only help your company to identify the gaps but provide insight and consultancy to help you align with the GDPR. We provide:

  • GDPR alignment audit: This software comprises of a number of questions about your company, IT infrastructure and associated operational processes which are targetted specifically at your organisation to help you understand how well you stand up to the the GDPR. It can assess all domains of the regulation and identify the areas where any additional documentation, policies or processes need to be introduced to meet the new controls.
  • GDPR Consultancy: Infrasec Solutions' GDPR consultants are certified IEC \ ISO 27018 and have worked in the IT Security arena for over 15 years. They are able to advise and at both business and technical levels and can either write documentation for you or work with your existing teams to help meet this objective.
  • GDPR Training: We can provide GDPR training to your existing employees to help them understand what needs to be accomplished to comply with the new GDPR regulation. This can either be at a high level across all domains of GDPR or we can provide in depth training at a lower level with specific technical or business teams to help them realise how to plug any gaps.