As businesses grow and evolve over time, through mergers and acquisitions for example, it is often unavoidable that many organisations end up building up a large collection of legacy applications. These applications are often critical to the operation of of the business, but it is often too costly to modernise them (or often they are no longer supported etc.). This is where Integration Software comes in to play.

Integration software is a general term for any software that serves to join together or mediate between two separate and usually already existing programs, applications, or systems. Integration software lets your legacy systems integrate with other systems, and helps you drive additional value from your legacy infrastructure.

At Infrasec Solutions we can help your business design and implement integration solutions from a number of market leading products. We can provide solutions around Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, IBM Websphere, Microsoft Biztalk, Informatica PowerCenter, or any other vendor that you you prefer.

  • Mulesoft Anypoint Platform: Anypoint Platform solves the most challenging connectivity problems across SOA, SaaS, and APIs. It's a unified, highly productive, hybrid integration platform that creates an application network of apps, data and devices with API-led connectivity. Connect apps, data and devices anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • IBM Websphere: The WebSphere software platform for e-business is a suite of stable, secure, and reliable software product offerings for conducting e-business and developing e-business applications. The Foundation includes the WebSphere Application servers and WebSphere MQ products.
  • Microsoft Biztalk: Microsoft BizTalk Server is an Inter-Organizational Middleware System (IOMS) that enables companies to automate business processes, through the use of adapters which are tailored to communicate with different software systems used in an enterprise.
  • Informatica PowerCenter: Informatica PowerCenter helps you unlock the value of your data. It offers a unique end-to-end data integration platform, with a broad set of capabilities to integrate raw, fragmented data from disparate sources and transform into complete, high-quality, business-ready information. As your environment grows and matures, PowerCenter scales to meet your expanding business needs, data volumes, and complexity, while providing insights to IT and the business.