A simple username and password combination provides only the most basic level of authentication. To allow access to important data, additional measures should be taken to ensure that the risk of unauthorised disclosure is reduced. A first line in defence in ensuring that only authorised users have access to your business systems is to add an additional authentication factor. This could be an alternative authentication channel (SMS message), something that the user posesses (a token or smart card), or even biometric authentication (fingerprint, iris scan, retina scan etc.)

Infrasec Solutions can help your business integrate a number of different Multifactor Authentication solutions into your business working practices. Depending on the budget and your requirements we can provide a number of MFA options for your entire infrastructure, or even for distinct applications or ingress point to your network. We can provide consultancy, design and implementaion services to help you achieve your companies MFA requirements. Some examples of solutions that we can provide are listed below:

  • RSA SecureID: This MFA solution has been around the longest. It has a large number of supported applications that can be secured with its multiple factors and has the largest market share of hardware tokens. RSA Authentication Manager can be set up for some very complex token approval workflows, and it sports a self service web portal that end users can use to perform common token management tasks.
  • CA Strong Authentication: Strong Authentication deploys and manages a range of authentication methods, including two-factor authentication software tokens. A more unique feature to Strong Authentication allows organisations to not store or transmit passwords. This in effect makes passwords un-breachable.
  • Okta Verify: Octa Verify adds security measures to standard username/password logins to a variety of servers and services. Unlike other MFA products, Okta has a unique feature called 'Just In Time Provisioning' that allows customers to import all of their Active Directory accounts and set authentication up so that when users are ready to start using the SSO component, Verifiy can attempt to create their accounts on the fly.
  • Vasco IDENTIKEY Server and DIGIPASS: IDENTIKEY Server includes multi-factor software tools and DIGIPASS tokens from Vasco Data Security Inc. As one of the most comprehensive MFA products on the market, it supports a wide selection of tokens and server types, mobile operating systems and smartphones, and authentication methods. In addition to providing plug-ins for Outlook Web Access, Citrix, Microsoft IIS, and Remote Desktop interfaces, Vasco offers an API-based product that allows customers to integrate multifactor authentication into existing applications.
  • Azure Multi-factor Authentication: Microsoft offers a rich set of capabilities and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.