In your production environment there will be multiple systems that need to be monitored, and there are various levels of monitoring that can be applied to your systems from hardware level monitoring, to full stack application monitoring and synthetic transaction based performance and availability monitoring. At infrasec Solutions we have been developing monitoring solutions for many years.

We can develop a monitoring solution that suits your needs and budget. We can help you to develop monitoring solutions using commercial off the shelf software such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, HP Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli monitoring tools. Or, if you prefer we can develop bespoke solutions using script based monitors and open source monitoring tools, and something completelty tailored for your specific requirements.

  • Component Based Monitoring: Component based monitoring typically involves gathering metrics from various components of the system. This is the most basic level of monitoring, and simply provides reactionary monitoring allowing you to see when a component has failed or is in an 'unhealthy' state.
  • Full Stack Application Monitoring: Full estack application monitoring builds upon the capability provided of component based monitoring by looking at all the components of your systems as a whole and infering the health of the system from the data collected from all.
  • Synthetic Transaction Based Monitoring: Synthetic transactions typically mimic the actions of an end user of the system, and can help to quickly and accurately identify issues with the operation of the system before your component based mouser based transactions, it can also help identify performance issues that would not typically be identified with component or full stack based monitoring.