At Infrasec Solutions, we can provide Penetration Testing services to suit your company’s needs. The Penetration Test will analyse and exploit vulnerabilities and flaws in your network infrastructure, application configuration and authentication mechanisms. Depending on the defined scope, the goal of the Penetration Test is to gain full access to your network systems or data using ethical hacking techniques. After the test is complete, a report is provided outlining the flaws and vulnerabilities of your systems as well as procedures to mitigate and protect components at risk. We provide Penetration Tests against your core Network Infrastructure, Web Application and supporting Database and Wireless Networks.

  • Network Penetration Test: We aim to analyse and exploit security flaws and misconfigurations in the components of your core network infrastructure (servers, appliances, network components, operating systems). This test can be conducted in a variety of ways to suit your requirements and budget constraints including zero \ partial \ full knowledge of network infrastructure. The scope can be refined to focus on a specific area of your infrastructure or look to exploit the network as a whole.
  • Web Application Penetration Test: By far the greatest number of cyber hacks over the past 3 years have originated from the web application space. Attacks including SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), parameter manipulation, Broken Authentication and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) can result in an attacker gaining full access to your data from a remote web browser. This test will analyse and exploit vulnerabilities found within the configuration of your web applications and underlying databases and storage mechanisms.
  • Wireless Penetration Test: This test looks to analyse wireless networks within your organisation, exploit vulnerabilities in the authentication and encryption mechanisms, configure rogue access points and look to exercise session hijacking and Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks on applications being accessed over this medium.