Infrasec Solutions have over 12 years experience designing, deploying and managing Public Key Infrastructure solutions for companies across a whole range of business sectors. We specialise in providing a range of cost-effective solutions which can align to your business needs and existing IT infrastructure.

We design our solutions with security and scalability in mind to ensure that the service we provide is not only consistent with the latest security best practices but it is future proof and sufficiently flexible to grow with your business. We adopt a vendor neutral approach to Public Key Infrastructure solution design meaning that we can offer the right product for your company, whether that is a Microsoft PKI, Unicert or another provider. We offer the following PKI services:

PKI Design / Implementation

PKI Design

Infrasec Solutions will a range of different options depending on the scale and complexity of your requirements. Whether you are looking for a simple low level deployment or whether you need to align to FIPS 140-2 and other regulatory standards, we can design the right solution for you.

We can design and deploy a local Public Key Infrastructure which is aligned with your existing IT platform and the extent of our involvement in the end to end process is wholly controlled by you.

PKI Upgrade

Infrasec Solutions will assess your PKI deployments and recommend any updates that are required to bring your service in line with existing best practices. Certain scenarios can trigger this request:

  • The SHA1 hashing algorithm is now regarded as obsolete so any certificates which have been issued using this hash function are no longer deemed secure and most Web browsers will generate an error if these are used. If your existing PKI service is based on SHA1 whether that is reflected in the certificates deployed to end devices or those generated for the root or issuing CA within your hierarchy, your service will need to be updated.
  • Compliance with FIPS 140-2 and other regulatory standards now require the use of a hardware security module (HSM) to store the private keys of your PKI servers as well as a number of operational procedures involved in the form of key signing ceremonies. Compliance with these standards will demand an update to your PKI service.

PKI Consultancy

We can provide consultancy for the generation of both technical and non-technical documentation to support your PKI service. These may be in the form of PKI compliance documentation, certificate practice statements, disclosure statements, or operational procedures.

This will not only help towards compliance with regulatory standards but ensure the efficient and secure request to fulfilment process for all certificate types which your business consumes.

PKI Consultancy

Managed PKI Services

Managed PKI Services

Infrasec Solutions can provide a robust, scalable and secure hosted PKI service. The hosted model is designed for companies who do not want to go to the extent of deploying and managing an internal PKI service. This service has the following benefits over an internal solution:

  • No capital expenditure - The service is fully hosted by Infrasec Solutions
  • Quick deployment - As there are no internal servers to design and install, the service can be up and running in a matter of hours.
  • Reduce Support Costs - There is no local infrastructure to maintain therefore support costs are significantly reduced.
  • Key Storage / Management - Key storage is controlled and managed by Infrasec Solutions