Infrasec Solutions can help you to define and document a comprehensive set of security policies for your organisation. These documents are not only required to provide a security baseline for your organisation but they help your company to conform to a number of regulatory controls and industry standards. With an ever increasing number of guidelines and protocols being introduced by the UK and EU to address the mounting security threats which the modern world faces today, a documented set of security policies and procedures for your company is more important than ever.

Whether you are looking to build a new set of policies from scratch or refresh existing documentation to reflect the current security landscape, Infrasec Solutions can provide the required expertise. We can provide a full and concise list of policies, standards and procedures to which your IT solutions will be designed against. These will be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and any associated regulations which you need to conform with.

  • Security Policies: Policy definition documents outlining the high level security goals for your company. These will include statements and objectives which govern the IT security of your company.
  • Security Standards: Security Standards which are documented to show how the rules will be defined to support a given policy.
  • Procedures: Process or Procedural documentation to show how the standard will be implemented.

Typical Engagement

A typical engagement will comprise of one or more workshops with your company to understand the requirements and the amount of documents which are in scope. We will propose a number of different priced options which we believe will be the best fit for your company. Infrasec Solutions will then create a draft set of documentation as per requirements which will be made available for review by your company. If any adjustments are required, these will be highlighted at this stage. A final set of documents will then be provided to you in a digitally editable format (typically .doc and pdf)