Whatever the size of your IT infrastructure, there is always a need for bespoke pieces of code or scripts to get things done. Bespoke tooling is often used to bridge the GAP between your business needs (automation, tactical fixes, etc) and what the technology stack that you have invested in provides.

  • PowerShell Cmdlets: If you have invested in Mircrosoft infrastructure, then PowerShell is the go to tool for creating custom scripts and tools. We can create bespoke PowerShell based tools for your Microsoft Desktop, Server and Azure solutions.
  • Stubs: A method stub or simply stub in software development is a piece of code used to stand in for some other programming functionality. A stub may simulate the behavior of existing code or be a temporary substitute for yet-to-be-developed code.
  • Python tools: We can help develop tooling in Python. Python is a cross platform scripting and programming language managing or enhancing your current solutions.
  • HTML Wrappers: We can create bespoke front ends to your legacy command line tools to make them more user friendly.